Regain your Confidence with Hair Transplant in Budapest

For 50% less than in your home country

🇪🇺🇪🇺European medical standards

1 year follow-up and lifelong warranty

If you are considering having hair transplant abroad, probably you are looking for great value for your money.  

Beside good prices what else Art ‘N Hair Clinic Budapest has to offer for you?

50% off? And what about quality? 

Hair transplant is an all day long plastic surgery. We value our doctors, so they are not the cheapest in Europe…but their high salary in Hungary is still low in comparison with Western-Europe. That’s how you get high quality medical service for 50% off! 

What about travel costs?

We offer all inclusive packages. Hotel, transfers and English speaking assistance is included. You buy your flight ticket, we take care of the rest. 

Never been to Budapest…how do I navigate there?

During your trip you have a dedicated assistant who takes care of you from the minute you land on Budapest Airport until the second, you take off 3 days later. 



And if I had medical questions?

After hair transplant we would like to see the development of your hair via photos 1 week and 1-3-6-9-12 months after hair transplant.

You get an after care package and you may contact your doctor anytime, you feel insecure during healing period. 

Patients trust us from all over Europe

Check out the gallery, see with your own eyes the transformation of our patients.

Hair transplant stories in Budapest

I had the hair transplant done in Budapest, it went well like I expected. It was a really good experience to have this. The process over the 6 months to a year watching the hair coming and it was successfull. The procedure is done with a lot of care at Art 'N Hair, it’s done with a lot of professionalism so there is nothing to worry about on that level, I would say for sure.

PRICES - summer discount applies!

1 Day Operation in Budapest

1500-2000 Grafts
€ 3.790

€ 1.990
  • Summer discount!
  • Blood serum therapy - as a gift!

2 Days Operation in Budapest

2500-3000+ Grafts
€ 4.590

€ 2.990
  • Summer discount!
  • Blood serum therapy - as a gift!

The final price offer may vary individually, therefore the prices listed are for information only and do not constitute an official offer. For a request for a quote and further information, please register for a consultation.

Summer discount prices apply on certain days during summertime. Please contact the clinic for the available dates!

Blood serum therapy to support wound healing and help embed the hair bulbs. 

You can return to everyday life even faster after the operation. Plus, with enough nutrients, your hair bulbs can start their new life better on their new place.

The value of the treatment is 287 euros, but as part of our summer campaign, it is free in addition to the surgery!

How my journey is going to look like in Budapest?

Medical Consultation

1. Fill out the application form below. Please upload 5 pictures of your head. Submit the form!

2. After submitting the form you get a short medical questionnare in email, please fill out.

3. We are ready to evaluate your case! In 24 hours you get a treatman plan and a price offer.

4. If you have any further questions, we set up an appointment for a videochat consultation with a doctor. 

5. It’s your turn to let us know your decision.

Your trip to Budapest

If you are ready for hair transplant at Art ‘N Hair Clinic, we are choosing dates for your operation.

1-day operation means a 3 days trip, 2-days operation means a 4 days trip. 

We kindly ask you to book your airplane tickets or arrange your trip by car or train.

We arrange hotel and transfers (airport, hotel-clinic-hotel) for you. 

If you would like to combine holiday with hair transplant or if you are planning to come with family or friends, we are happy to help you to extend your stay

Your dedicated personal assistant takes care of your trip to Budapest and sends you a detailed travel itiniery.

How do we work for you at Art 'N Hair Clinic?

We are positive that most european hair clinics provide excellent service and the doctors do their best to please patients.

But let us give you 5 reasons why to consider choosing Budapest and Art ‘N Hair clinic!

1) Experience 

30-40% of our patients come from France, Denmark, Austria or UK. We have a tried and tested process of taking care of non-local patients. Your personal assistant takes care of you from the first minute until the last in Budapest. 

2) Safety and transparency

We created a timeline for you to clearly understand the steps from this moment until the 12th month after your hair transplant. Check the timeline here.

3) Honesty 

There are some baldness patterns and medical circumstances when we cannot guarantee a beautiful result. In this case we don’t force the operation. 

Every single man we operate is a living reference of our work, so our patients’ satisfaction is extremely important for us!

4) FUE harvesting, DHI implanting

We use 0.8 mm diameter FUE Trivellini needles for harvesting grafts. No scars remain on the donor area.

We do direct hair implant (DHI) for the hightest density possible. No scars remain on the transplanted area.

5) Warranty & Care

Our more than 10 years of professional knowledge and experience guarantee the success of your hair transplant. 98% of our patients consider the results at the 1-year follow-up to be excellent or adequate in line with their expectations.

In 2% of the cases, a biological reaction different from the average can occur, so due to the unique characteristics of the patient, the hair follicles are embedded in the scalp in a lower percentage.

If, after the 1-year check-up, our doctors consider that less than 90% of the transplanted hair has remained, we will replace the missing amount.

We would like to see how your hair situation is developing during the first year so we would like to see pictures of your head in the 1st week, 1st-3rd-6th-9th and 12th month.


Hair transplant specialist medical doctors:

dr. Al-Aisa Abtessam Nariman (dr. Tess)

dr. Mónika Krix

dr. Dóra Kucher

dr. Michael Wilkes

Medical assistants:

Bence, Edina, Évi, Barbi

All of our doctors and assistants speak English.

We also have a German, French and Spanish-speaking team members.

send photos, get a treatment plan!

Please inform us in the „Notes” field in which areas of the head you would like thicker hair.

Send photos: When you register, send us photos of your head from all sides. (Format: jpg; max. 2 MB / Pic)
(Format: jpg; max. 2 MB / Foto)

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