47% of european male are going bald

Some men accept balding, some even look great with their new looks.But some of us don’t feel comfortable with thinning hair. Morning by morning looking in the mirror causes stress and anxiety. Sounds familiar? You are in the right place!

Why men going bald?

Male pattern hair loss is caused by DHT hormone. It’s present in every man’s body but cca. 50% of men have DHT-sensitive hair follicles. DHT is literally suffocating their hair. 

Probably you’ve noticed that even the most bald men have some hair on the back of the neck in a half-moon shape. The reason: DHT sensitive follicles are just on the top of the head – hairs on the nape are resistant to DHT.

Because hair on the nape is resistant to DHT, they are not going to fall even if replaced to the top of the head. You have to deal with hair transplant only once and you can say goodbye to the bald spots forever.

Successful men face their problems and solve them - doesn't matter what area of life we are talking about.

Going bald is a problem if you feel so. Good news is bald spots can be covered with the help of modern medicine.

At Hair Transplant we are planting DHT resistant hair from the back of the neck to the top of the head.

It really doesn’t fall?

No, really not. If you follow the guidelines in the first 3 weeks, follicles impregnate and stay in place for a lifetime. DHT does not affect them anymore, why would they fall? 🙂

These are not just empty promises, we give you warranty for our work!

Is spacing noticeable in the back?

No, nobody is going to be able to say you had a hair transplant. We pick a calculated number of hairs from the back, so it covers bald spots but spacing remains invisible.

If hair transplant works, why is Bruce Willis still bald?

His hair loss is so extensive that it cannot be fixed with a hair transplant. 

If your donor area is weak and too thin, so it cannot give us enough hair to cover the bald spots, we are going to be honest with you – we don’t want to force an operation if neither you or us wouldn’t be proud of the outcome.

Famous or not, british or asian, over 1 million men decide to have a hair transplant a year.

Check out the gallery, see with your own eyes the transformation of our patients.

Reference pics

Hair transplant is now a routine operation.

Does it hurt?

Not really, because we use anesthesia for the whole procedure. Maybe it’s just a little inconvenient. Check out Jordan’s hair transplant video! 

Does it work?

Yes, check out our references.

Is it expensive?

Something is expensive if it isn’t worth it. If you feel insecure because of hair loss, it is worth it to fix the problem through a one day procedure and forget about balding for good. But of course there are big differences in prices…

Let us give you 5+1 reason why to choose Budapest and Art ‘N Hair clinic!

There are a good couple of hair transplant clinics in the UK and Europe. We are positive that all of them provide excellent service and all the european doctors do their best to please patients. But let us give you 5+1 reason why to choose Budapest and Art ‘N Hair clinic!

1) Experience

The theory of hair transplant seems so simple but to master it in practice, a doctor needs to perform as much operation as possible. The 4 doctors of Art N Hair have years of experience in hair transplant… they transplanted over 5 million hairs in the past couple of years!

2) Safety and transparency

We created a timeline for you to clearly understand the steps from this moment until the 12th month after your hair transplant. Check the timeline here.

3) Honesty 

There are some baldness patterns and medical circumstances when we cannot guarantee a beautiful result. In this case we don’t force the operation. 

Every single man we operate is a living reference of our work, so our patients’ satisfaction is extremely important for us!

4) Friendly environment

The team of Art ‘N Hair is cheerful and shaken together.

We are emphatic enough to notice what you need for a perfect day in our clinic. 

If you are talkative we are happy to chit-chat with you the whole day, if you are more into yourself, we give you space. If you would like to listen to music or watch a movie, you have several options to choose from as you are going to have Netflix, HBO and Spotify in your hands. 

Most of our patients are surprised how quick the day passed.

5) Care

Although we are a professional medical team, we don’t forget to be kind to our patients.

We love our job, we love our patients and we are always ready for you. If you give us your trust we not just perform a surgery, we take care of your hair for the whole first year (at least). You can always give us a call and consult with your doctor. 

We would like to see how your hair situation is developing so we would like to see pictures of your head in the 1st week, 1st-3rd-6th and 12th month.

6) Warranty

Not many doctors take warranty for their work. We prefer to take responsibility for our work! 

Final result will be shown after 12 months. If you send us  the 1st year controll pictures and you claim that your hair doesn’t grow in a way we previously agreed, we plant the missing hairs at our own cost. Thank God corrections are very rare, but every human is different, so it might happen in 2-3% of the cases that hair doesn’t grow perfectly.

How my journey is going to look like in Budapest?

Medical Consultation

  1. Fill out the application form below. Please upload 5 pictures of your head.
  2. Our English-speaking customer service manager is calling you in 24 hours to find an appointment for a videochat consultation
  3. Our hair transplant specialist is calling you on the agreed platform (Facebook Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp or Viber) right on time. 
  4. During a 1-hour medical consultation our doctor is estimating your hair loss and the number of grafts needed to transplant for a nice and natural result. She is going to ask you medical questions to make sure you are ready for an operation. 
  5. After the video consultation you receive the treatment plan and price offer in e-mail. Now it’s your turn to let us know your decision.

Your stay in Budapest

  1. If you are ready for a hair transplant at Art ‘N Hair Clinic, we are choosing dates for your operation.
  2. As soon as we agree on the dates, we are booking 7-Seasons Apartment House downtown in Budapest.    1-day operation means a 3 days trip, a 2-days operation means a 4 days trip. 
  3. We kindly ask you to book your airplane tickets or arrange your trip by car or train. We arrange a transfer for you from the airport/ train station to the hotel. 

  4. If you would like to combine holiday with hair transplant or if you are planning to come with family or friends, we are happy to help you to extend your stay

    We keep you updated on the current Covid-19 travel policy here: …

Please click here to see the detailed timeline of your stay in Budapest
(operation infos included!)


Our doctors (dr. Al-Aisa Abtessam Nariman, dr. Rita Pénzes and dr. Mónika Krix) are partners of the European Hair Implant Association, FUE Europe. They regularly attend training courses abroad to keep up to date with the latest trends in hair restoration and hair maintenance.

All of our doctors and assistants speak excellent English, but we also have a German, French and Spanish-speaking team members.

Hair transplant stories in Budapest

I started losing my hair when I was  20-22 years old. I tried many shampoos, different natures with different ingredients and different products of all kinds. I didnt have any luck, and success even with consistency and the money that I was spending. 

So from that point on I thought okay, what’s another approach, how can I go around this.21st century, if we can land on the moon we should be able to do something about the hair!

So then I read about this [hair transplant], I took the opportunity, I was able to come here and get this work done. 

I was really optimistic about it and I was really comfortable being here, everyone was really welcoming. I had the surgery done, it went well like I expected it was a really good experience to have this. The process over the 6 months to a year watching the hair coming and it was successfull, I think. The procedure is done with a lot of care at Art 'N Hair, it’s done with a lot of professionalism so there is nothing to worry about on that level, I would say for sure.

Alexandre from Angers (France)


An online videochat consultation with our doctor is needed to get a precise price offer. 

The final price offer may vary individually, therefore the prices listed are for information only and do not constitute an official offer. For a request for a quote and further information, please register for a consultation.

Blood serum therapy to support wound healing and help embed the hair bulbs. 

You can return to everyday life even faster after the operation. Plus, with enough nutrients, your hair bulbs can start their new life better on their new place.

On the day of the operation, we inject the platelet-rich blood plasma obtained from your own blood into the area to be implanted – this „practically fertilizes the freshly planted seedlings”.

The value of the treatment is 287 euros, but as part of our summer campaign, it is free in addition to the surgery!


Please inform us in the „Notes” field in which areas of the head you would like thicker hair.

Send photos: When you register, send us photos of your head from all sides. (Format: jpg; max. 2 MB / Pic)
(Format: jpg; max. 2 MB / Foto)

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